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VLS-SET Airbrush Set

DOUBLE ACTION – SIPHON FEED – INTERNAL MIX  – With threaded swivel nut

The VLS Airbrush is the most in demand by working professionals for painting T-shirts and vehicles. This siphon-feed, double action, internal mix airbrush comes complete to spray the following:

  • heavy fluids such as textile paint, auto lacquers, and enamels.
  • medium fluids such as stains, underglazes and glazes
  • light fluids such as thin stains

Comes with all three sizes – 1, 3 and 5 (needle, tip and aircap)  (.55mm, .7mm, 1mm)

The Paasche's Model VLS Airbrush is ready to go. Just hook it up to a compressor and you can start airbrushing!

Please Note: The VLS have a Threaded Swivel Nut for extra secure attachment to Bottle Assemblies.


VLS#3 Double-Action Airbrush
VL-1/4-OZ Metal Color Cup (1/4oz/7cc)
VLS-1-OZ Bottle Assembly (1oz/29cc)
H-194 Bottle, Cap/Gasket (1/oz/29cc)
VLT-1 and VLT-5 Tips
VLA-1 and VLA-5 Aircaps
VLN-1 and VLN-5 Needles
A-34 Hanger and V-62 Wrench
A-1/8-6 6' Air Hose w/Couplings
VL-189 Head Protecting Cap
TTALB “22 Airbrush Lessons” Booklet

(please note contents of box may not be identical to the image - however description of contents will be the same)

Spare Parts are available Click Here:


Brand Paasche
Shipping Weight 0.5500kg
Shipping Width 0.210m
Shipping Height 0.210m
Shipping Length 0.050m

My first serious airbrush, worth every cent

By: on 12 August 2013
Having purchased two cheap ($20-$30) no-brand airbrushes off eBay and having them both clog beyond repair after just two models each, I decided to invest in a decent airbrush and I haven't regretted it for an instant. The quality is excellent, it's easy to clean and the responsiveness of the control is flawless. It comes with three needles - .55mm, .73mm and 1.06mm, my only gripe with the product is that there isn't a smaller needle than the .55mm which can make detailing like panel lines a challenge. Highly recommended, I can see this airbrush lasting years.

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