Badger Renegade Airbrushes & Spare Parts

Badger Airbrushes - Renegade Spare Parts Diagram 

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Badger Renegade Series Spare Parts Diagram

Badger Renegade Krome Spare Parts Diagram

Badger R-061 Fine 0.33mm Conversion For Renegade series
17% OFF RRP $59.98
Badger R-059 Fine spray regulator  - Krome Airbrush RK-1
17% OFF RRP $22.51
Badger RK-0021 Complete Assemble Valve for the Krome Airbrush RK-1
2% OFF RRP $34.50
Badger Ultra Fine Tip for the Badger Renegade R-003
19% OFF RRP $19.64
Fine Spray Regulator suit Renegade Krome
2% OFF RRP $22.50
Fine Tip suit Renegade Krome

Fine Tip suit Renegade Krome


5% OFF RRP $16.87
Krome Screw (Needle Seal Adjust) with PTFE bearing
6% OFF RRP $13.50
O-Ring suit Renegade Krome

O-Ring suit Renegade Krome


Rear Adjusting Screw suit Renegade Krome
On Sale 61% OFF RRP $12.76
Spring Screw Renegade Krome

Spring Screw Renegade Krome