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We are stockists of K & S Precision Metals and our Metal Shop caters for all your model and scratch building projects, himmeli sculptures, geometric mobiles, jewellery design and small metal projects.

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Bending Mandrel 118mm

Bending Mandrel 118mm


47% OFF RRP $16.93
BRASS SOLID ROD 1.5mm x 300mm 5PC
12% OFF RRP $6.21
BRASS SOLID ROD 3.5mm x 300mm 3PC
4% OFF RRP $10.98
BRASS SHEET 102mm x 254mm x .81mm
30% OFF RRP $23.11
BRASS STRIP .81mm X 25.4mm (.032 x 1") x 300mm -12"
27% OFF RRP $8.97
Bare Metal Foil, Chrome

Bare Metal Foil, Chrome


BRASS SOLID ROD 1.0mm x 300mm 5PC
2% OFF RRP $6.21